Krell FBP vs Parasound JC1

I have a pair of Magnepan 1.6r's and will be adding Infinity MTS as well. I may get some Magnepan 3.6r to replace my 1.6qr's later. Does anyone have some insight as to how these different amps compare.

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Patrickp: Just saw your thread today. For what it's worth, I drive Maggie 3.5s with fpb 350 monos and am very pleased with the results. (just got a pair of 20.1s and will still use the 350's) Also, I drive a smaller pair of rear Maggies with fpb 250's. The center MMCC3 and sub are driven with a Krell KSA 150 - all with good results. I do bi-wire the fronts. Probably by now you have made your decision and your purchase - just thought I'd stick in my two cents worth. Puerto
JC-1 are finicky about the AC power and speakers they drive. FPB is a safe bet.
> JC-1 are finicky about the AC power and speakers they drive.

This statement is completely contrary to my own experience. They drove my (extremely difficult load) SoundLabs very well indeed. Not sure where this impression comes from, and it's the first statement of its type that I've seen. Can't comment on the Krells.
I have owned the JC-1s (not finicky at all) and now use the Krell FPB 650M monoblocks. The Krells are a little darker sounding overall than the JC-1s. Maybe a little more high freq. detail with the JC-1s. But the Krells are smoother and more musical. As powerful and dynamic as the JC-1s are they cannot compete with the Krells. Both are good amps and I could live with either, but I prefer the Krells with my Thiels.
JC-1 finicky? That's funny. The JC-1 in my experience is the reference for all amps to be judged, providing seemingly unlimited power to any load.(while doubling as a room heater in the wintertime) That being said, the Krell may have machined aluminum parts and a sexy case, but for me personally I'm gonna recomend the JC-1's. You just can't beat the value there. Nobody has ever accused the JC-1's as being harsh, but from the Krell's I do hear it from time to time. (I'm in the biz, and I hear it from customers) JC-1's are tuned slightly sweet as John Curl would say, and I would tend to agree.
This thread goes back a ways in time it looks like, but since someone arose it from the dead. Might as well keep it going.

As a dealer for both. Both are excellent, but different. For the money, the JC1 is unbeatable IMHO. How anyone could not like and enjoy these is beyond me.

The Krells can be a bit dry at times and is the more "finicky" amp if you ask me.
If you really want to hear your Maggies sing, try the Magtech amp from Sanders Sound Systems. 800 watts per channel into 4 ohms. See their website for full details. I have owned many high end amps but IMHO the Sanders Magtech tops them all. They also carry a lifetime guarantee.