Krell FPB 300cx or Now?

My legendary, never even burped reliable Krell 300CX, purchased new in 2002, brought it up to Krell in CT 18 months ago  to replace caps (>100, >$1,000) and sounds better than ever. Pumps to Magico A3 and sings sings sings. But . . .
Is there any better these days without 2d Mortgage? PS Audio BHK Sig Stereo 250? Pass? Constellation? Or do I really want to divorce my beloved fidelity Krell and actually listen better? Are amps now surpassed?
Tell me, genies.
I haven’t heard the Constellation. IMHO, the only amps I’ve heard that might be clearly better are the Gryphons.  At much higher costs. I can’t imagine what similar maintenance might cost if you had to send it to Denmark. I suggest holding onto the Krell FPB.
Ditto! Hold onto that Krell! At that design level differences are subtle at best!
Yup, keep it. The FPB was a great design, arguably Dan's last great effort before getting kicked out of his own company. Over the years I went through most of the stereo models, from the original 200 (later 300cx) right up to the 700cx. To my ears and in my system the 300/400cx was the sweet spot of the range, but you can't go wrong either way.

I eventually moved on to Boulder 1060 because I needed a more living room friendly amp, especially in summer. But sonically it was more of a lateral move. Perhaps a bit less bass power traded against a bit more refinement, but indeed subtle differences at best .

So if you can take the heat, stay with the Krell.
I am still staying with the Krell FPB 300cx, in a NYC apt. no less! Just sits as a black burdensome box on a platform, Sphinx-like, stolid . . . and melodious.