KRELL FPB-300cx vs. PASS LABS X250.5

I'm trying to decide between these two Amplifiers, to use to power a pair of Wilson Audio Sophia Speakers in a 26'x20'x10' listening room, with good acoustics.

Has anyone demo'ed these two Amplifiers with Wilson Audio Speakers?
I have recently tried the FPB-200c (300cx direct predecessor) and Pass X-250 (X-250.5 predecessor) with my Sophia 2 speakers and Pass was in a class of his own.

Shure, 300cx is better than 200c, but so is X-250.5.

I was so impressed with the li'l Pass that I bought a s/h 350.5 for evaluation last week. Awaiting delivery right now.
My opinion, from Best (of those in this discussion) down:

Krell FPB 300-cx ties with Pass 250.5 ties with FPB 300-c

Krell FPB 200C

Krell FPB 200

Pass 250

There is a significant difference between the 250 and the 250.5. The difference between the 300-c and the 300-cx? I can't hear any difference with my Watt/Puppies (I bought the 300-c). I previously owned the FPB 200. I have also owned the Pass none .5 version. FWIW I agree that for the Levinson amps (331/2/3/4 etc. . .) that the .5 versions are notable better than the none .5 versions. I owned the 331.5.

Pass and Krell both make excellent amps and I could live with either the 300-c(x) or the 250.5 and not be disappointed. Both are great companies, all around.