Krell Fpb400Cx vs AR Vt-200

I currently use a pair of the Krell Fpb400cx Amps and I have a chance to get a AR Vt-200. This would be used on the mid/high panels of my Infinity IRS Betas. Would this be an improvement over the Krell. The concern is would the Ar provide enough power. I know the panels are power hungry and also the issues with tube Amps, maintenance, tube life. Thanks for any opinions.
The VT200 should be a-ok on the Betas - 200 watts of tube power is fine for the mid/high panels.
IMHO, the Audio Research VT series was not of one of AR's best efforts.  I do not know what kind of power your need to drive your mid/tweets, but I believe that you can do much better sonicly than a VT-200