Krell KBL Static in Right Channel

Hi all,


Recently picked up a Krell KBL as-is from a garage sale. Everything was sealed in the box but there were some scuffs on the preamp, so I assumed it was sent to Krell for repairs/recapping and then sent back to the owner. Apparently the box sat unopened in the previous owner's garage for a decade or more.


After hooking up KBL, the sound is excellent. More powerful bass and better soundstaging than what I remember from my previous KBL. No channel imbalances or imaging problems from what I can tell.


However, there is a strong static sound coming from the right channel of the KBL which sounds like TV static through my right tweeter. It's not terribly noticeable from the listening position but it's indelibly loud 3-4" from the tweeter. Left channel is dead quiet. The static doesn't change in loudness when I adjust the volume knob of the KBL. I'm sure it's coming from the KBL and not my amp because the static switches to my left speaker when I reverse the main out cables on the KBL.


Any ideas what this might be? Improper grounding? Broken capacitor? I'm a bit confused because everything else sounds top-notch except for the addition of this static on the right channel. For reference the KBL is connected via balanced XLR cables to a Mark Levinson 23.5 amp.


Thank you!


Static or crackling noise?

Bad solder joint, cold solder joint can cause hum and distortion. An earthing issue, or a broken trace on the board as insecure joint somewhere may cause other noises.

What happens if you tap the pcb?

If you have no experience with this better check it with a technician.


Take the knobs off a squirt a little tuner spray down the shafts. 99% of the time it's just some dirt on the contacts. 

Operate all controls and switches several times. I would suspect a contact issue somewhere in the signal path after sitting. Could even be in connector contacts to or from preamp.

Will try all these, thanks guys!


In the case that cleaning/turning the knobs multiple times doesn't fix the problem, is repairing a bad solder joint as simple as reflowing the solder (or probably removing the old solder and using new solder)? I'm good with soldering but have limited experience repairing audio equipment. Probably should take it in to a technician to avoid risking turning my preamp into hot chocolate, eh?


Will a local technician do or is it best to go with Krell-authorized? Anyone have recommendations for the Southern California (LA/OC) area?


Thanks again!

Some of the Krell units used surface-mounted components that are impossible to fix. Just sayin'

The Krell KBL is from the early 1990’s, not likely surface mount or any soldering issues. I believe the most you will need is a can of contact cleaner / lubricant. Best wishes.