Krell KSA200s Help

I just rebuilt my KSA200S and may have an auto bias problem. When I power it off the right channel Bias 1 Led goes on and fades out. Before the rebuild, I seem to remember both channels doing this. If you have a KSA200S please let me know what it does when powered off. If you know how to verify the auto-bias circuitry please let me know also.



I used to have one.

All the lights except for the blue pilot light in the centre fade out when you power it off and go into standby.

When you power it on from standby, the 3 levels of red "christmas tree" led lights come on in succession. the relays then click and they go back down (simultaneously).

I don’t think there is any way to verify the auto bias circuitry. It is controlled by a computer board.

I had lots of problems with it. It had to go back for service a couple of times in the few years I had it. It would literally go up in smoke Apparently, they were manufactured with faulty capacitors. That is why they were replaced very quickly with the FPB series.

Hope that helps.

I have a Krell 200s that distorts and clicks loudly when played at low or medium levels. By "low or medium levels", I mean no level LEDs on, or one LED on intermittently. When I crank it to where it is too loud to stay in the room, the distortion and pops go away. So I've not used it much in the last forever. Do readers believe this is "bad cap somewhere"?

What I recall about LEDs at turnoff is that both channels of LED bias level indicators behave about the same, going off pretty quickly.