Krell KSA300S power conversion

I have a Krell Ksa 300s and i want to convert power from 110v to 220v. Can someone help me out,please.I appreciate your help.Thanks.

You maybe out of luck. The older Krell equipment (I had a KSA-250) had a series of DIP switches you could set yourself to convert from one voltage to another. The equipment that came latter has a frequency/voltage sensing chip in the power input circuit that will only allow the equipment to operate on one voltage/frequency. This chip needs changing if you want to change from one voltage/frequency to another voltage/frequency. I believe only Krell, and their authorized service agents, can do this. I found out the hard way when I moved from the States to France and found out my Krell HTS would not work when using a 220-110V step down transformer. I had 110V but at 50Hz so it would not work. In the end I had Krell France do the conversion for me, ridiculously expensive from what I can remember. Fortunately my Krell KSA-250 worked fine, I just set the DIP switches from 110V to 220V and it worked fine although I now had  50Hz power.

One option for low power voltage/frequency locked equipment is to use something like a PS Audio P300 power conditioner. These can be set to accept any domestic input voltage/frequency and output a different voltage frequency. For example 220V/50Hz in and 110V/60Hz out. Unfortunately not powerful enough for your application. 
Call Krell,  203-799-9954. They will tell you one way or the other about your options.