Kudos to Keb Mo & Los Lonely Boys

Just arrived home this evening after this concert. They played at Chastain in Atlanta.

Both Keb Mo & Los Lonely Boys both put on a stellar performance!

If they are coming to play at a venue near you, I would definately advise looking into grabbing some tickets.
I saw Keb Mo in Atltantic City. Great show and he interacts with the audience.
My cousin in So Cal just made and sent me a CD of Los Lonely Boys. They're terrific. It's not likely I'll get to see them cause there's not much call for Mexican rock bands up here in Montana. Maybe if they play "The Gorge".
Just got this CD the other day and love it !! These guys are REAL good. I'm glad to see this thread popped up, I was gonna start one myself to see how many people like them.
They sound a little like Los Lobos, Santana, Allman Brothers & Big Head Todd & The Monsters throughout. Track 8 "Onda" is killer, a very versatile and talented group overall. Henry Garza plays exceptional lead guitar, I like his style with chords and overtones.
Live in Macon, new to area how is that venue? Want to see Buddy and Julie Miller there.
If you like Keb', you have to check a guy named Kelly Joe Phelps. I just heard of him recently and can he play the hell out of the slide guitar--he is a friend of Kebs to boot.