Kutztown Radio Show, Anybody else going?

This weekend (May 7th and 8th) is the annual springtime Kutztown Radio show. I'll be there on Friday, and it runs till Saturday evening. Since some folks drive for hundreds of miles to get there, quite a few are packing up on Saturday night for the long trip home. This event has been going on for years, hosted by the Delaware Valley Historic Radio club. Held every May and September this event is held outdoors under large covered pavilions so it's the perfect venue in these trying times.
Mainly catering to antique radios but there is more vintage gear showing up every event. If you have an interest in vintage electronics, it's a "must go to show", with lots of vendors selling vacuum tubes and other parts. There is even a guy that shows up every event that we call "The Knob Guy", has thousands of knobs that he has collected from all kinds of gear and folks see him to find that special missing knob to finish off a restoration.
There is quite a few of us folks from the AK forum that show up at every event, we have gotten to be friends due to this event and a few that we host ourselves.
Hope to see you there!