Kuzma Stogi 12 arm w VTA tower queing problem

I'm having trouble getting my Kuzma arm to cue up over the start of the record. I line it up and it keeps wanting to drift back out away from the platter. I have to keep tapping/nudging it back over the record but I usually end up with it touching down into the first song. My shaky hands keep me from manually queing it.
Anyone else w this arm have that problem?
Sounds like excessive anti-skate. Another thing that might help, the little rubber strip that contacts the arm tube, get it nice and clean so the arm is less likely to slide. What you have going on is sort of normal given the reality of anti-skate, but it should not be so much of a problem. Which is what makes me think too much anti-skate.
Couple of things to check:

  • Make sure your platform and table are perfectly level
  • Make sure your anti skate is not set too high- try cueing w/o anti skate as an experiment.
  • The rubber pad that the arm sits on will get glazed over time and should be replaced... otherwise you can sand it lightly with 300 grit sand paper - this will keep the arm in place longer before the pad breaks away from the arm in act of cueing down.
  • The cueing mechanism itself can be set lower by adjusting the set screw. This will mitigate the tendency of arm drift as there is less time for the arm to drift out of place if its physically closer to the record.
  • Check for freedom with the bearings in all planes... this may be difficult to do without experience on what to expect.

Good luck
 I just answered your pm. Check the oil level and that the anti skate wire is riding in the pulley and not off to the side. Mine was in the pulley... then it wasn’t, I had to reseat it.