Kyocera PL-601 headshell

Looking for a Kyocera PL-601 headshell. Looks a lot like a generic straight arm headshell except the flat spot on the connecting tube is on the left side instead of the top.
I have a PL-601 unit listed for sale and am hoping that you could kindly answer this.  A potential buyer is asking if the head shell is male or female and I can't easily discern that.  It won't easily come off for me and I don't want to risk damage . Would you be able to tell me?
The headshell is male. There is a small knurled setscrew on the side of the arm just behind it that releases it. I'd attach a photo but I don't know how to do that on this website.
If you post your question on audiokarma I can provide you with photos. My username is wasclywabbit.
Thanks I’ll pass this info along to the interested buyer, I appreciate your help. This is the pic I posted on the offering site. I unscrewed the screw shown in the pic but could only manage to accomplish a very slight gap between the arm and shell and grew nervous about pushing past the point of resistance.