Ladder Schumann DAC Warning

Just wanted to provide some feedback on the Ladder Schumann DAC.

After just a few hours of use the unit started developing static noise in the background with music (not when no signal sent between songs). This was common on all inputs - AES, COAX, USB and the I2S right channel died.

Not sure if it is hardware or firmware related but I have seen a few other reviews from users whose units have died.

Unfortunately the seller Shenzhen Audio gave me the run around for a bit until I filed a Paypal claim. But they still refuse to provide a return shipping label and asked me to pay to send it back and only declare a $150 customs value. I thought they were a fairly established and professional company?

Very unfortunate as this DAC sounded the best of those I tried in this price range. But maybe just not ready for prime time. Maybe after a few firmware updates it would be better.

If you do buy one try to purchase thru Amazon or Walmart or other USA dealer where you have some protection from them as the experience I had dealing with the distributor was very disappointing.



Excellent info and thanks for sharing, and best of luck in getting this problem sorted. 

Yes I second that -- this is exactly the kind of info buyers need. Buyers beware!

This seller has no presence, no storefront, in America, you are ordering from China. It’s hard to resolve problems and shipping costs a bundle. So people should be aware that they are rolling the dice with no automatic return policy.

Once I had a similar issue, I purchased a cable from a maker in Australia. When I checked into returning it I discovered that most of the cost to return was in the shiping. So let the buyer beware.

   I don't think it's easier thru Amazon. Amazon always puts this standard "free returns" statement but this depends on the seller's policies, so actually it is somewhat misleading for Amazon to say that.