Lamm M1.2 Reference: Tube Recommendation

Any Lamm M 1.2 Ref owners have a recommendation for the replacement of the single 6922 tube used in this amp?? If so, please describe how the substitute tube alters the sound of your amp.
Well, I assume that you would be interested in what ANY lamm hybrid owner has used. (i.e. including myself, who has a Lamm M2.1, rather than the M1.2)

I use the Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8s - steel pins. It is a pretty good tube. A bit more musical in the mid-range, and it has a great top end too. (The decay is amazing.) I paid $40 for the pair. (Well, actually I paid $80 for a quad of them, so I figure I am set for the next 10 years!)

My friend, with the Lamm M2.2, uses the legendary Amperex PQ pinched waist white label 6922s. It is a great tube. Slightly better mid-range than my Orange Globes, but not much. He paid $350 for his pair.

I assume you know about Joe's Tube Lore on Audio Asylum.
But if you don't here is a link to it - scroll down until you get to the 6DJ8, 6922 and 7308 tubes, especially the second section. Joe has done a pretty good job of describing the sound of most of the 6922 family of tubes. (Of course, YMMV!)

Joe's Tube Lore on AA
Tpsonic and Kurt Tank: Thanks for the info, especially the website link. It has been very helpful.

My thanks to you also Kurt Tank for that website.

I am going back and forth trying to decide which Lamms to buy for my Eggleston Andra 2's. When I contacted Lamm they recommended Ref 1.2's. Any thoughts from any of you Lamm owners, what are the different characteristics between the Lamm amps?

It is my opinion, (and that of others, who share my point of view) that you should get as powerful an amp as you can.
In your case, the (220 wpc) M2.2 is what I would recommend. Given the relatively lowish sensitivity (88.5) and impedance (6 ohm average, but with lows around 4), this will be a somewhat difficult speaker to drive. (These are just about the same specifications as my Revel Studios and my friend's Avalon Eidolons.) If your speakers had either a impedance of 8 or a sensitivity of 91, I'd agree that the M1.2 would work fine.

Now, Could you drive it with less? You bet.

Would it sound great with the (110 wpc) Lamm M1.2s?
Again, you bet.

Would the Lamm M1.2s have enough power reserves to really provide for those loud intense musical peaks that demand really high power?
Well, maybe.
Maybe even probably, but I can't say a definite Yes.

Would the Lamm M2.2?
Almost certainly.

If you are buying new, my advice is talk to your dealer, and buy one, but take both home and try them out. (I sincerely doubt your dealer would give you much guff about this, since you've already paid him for one!) If buying used, buy whicher you get the beter deal on first and try it. If it works acceptably, great. If not, buy the other amps, compare them and sell the one you like least. (Yeah, it means a big investment for a week or two, but when you're talking about our level of sonic committment, who cares about a few hundred dollars of lost interest.)

I have heard both, but not in the same system. They sound very, very similar. (In fact my M2.1s sound very, very similar to the M2.2s.)

FYI, one thing to consider:
The M2.2s run very warm, as they are biased heavily into Class A.
The M1.2s run very, very warm, as they are a true class A amp.

Notice I said warm for both, and not hot. (You will not burn your hand on the tops of these amps, even if you leave it there.) These will warm up a room a few degrees, so if you live in a warm climate, and don't have air conditioning, it could mean being a bit uncomfortable at times. I live in California, and I have to put up with this minor discomfort on occasion during the summer. (During the winter, it is a nice thing though!) However, I live with it gladly to get the best sound I know of. (My friend, who has the M2.2s, does so willingly also. He used to have the (tubed) VTL MB-450s. Now those run HOT!) I am not trying to scare you off the Lamms, but I wanted you to know about this. I went into it knowingly, and have no regrets.

PS Lamm ALWAYS recommends the M1.2s. I have never seen them recommend the M2.2s for any speaker actually. (Almost makes me wonder why they make it.)
And who knows, maybe their way makes more sense. Except for those brief peaks, it would sound better most of the time. (However, I'd rather settle for 99% all the time, then 100% most of the time, but limit myself to a set listening level.) That's my opinion and my two cents worth. I doubt you would regret whichever you get.

Thanks Kur tank, when I talked to them this was one of my questions but they kept referring to the 1.2's saying they are more musical and the mid range is special. I need an iron fist to control the bottom end of these speakers to get the best out of them.

Current set-up;
Andra 2 speakers
McIntosh 501 mono blocks
Audio Research Ref3 pre.
Accustic Arts Dac 1 MK4, have on order the Drive 1 MK2 to possibly replace my ARC CD3.
ARC CD3 MK2 player being used as a transport right now.
McIntosh 300 Music Server for back ground music.
Digital hook-up on both using Stealth Sextet cables.
Interconnects Virtual Dynamics Revelation 2.0, only two and in balanced configuration.
Speaker cables VD Rev. Sigs but awaiting my VD Genesis bi-wired.

I have on order a Supratek Sauv. line stage, suppose to be a large improvement over my ARC I'll find out soon.

Once things are settled in I want to try the Bent Tap line stage along with the new all in one EMM cd player.

I also want to try some Stealth Dream power cords,Indra etc. suppose to be amazing. I'm sold on the digital cables I have, beat up my VD product and others costing allot more.

My system is sounding amazing right now, the Macs are so far the best amps I have tried that merry up well to the Andra's but I am always open to trying new, you just don't know if you don't.

I almost bought a ARC Ref7 cd player and someone sugested I should try the ACCUSTIC ARTS dac. I have had the Ref7 in my system for two three weeks now and when I put the "AA DAC" in I was sold.

Another Andra 2 owner is awaiting a Cat JL-2 Sig. and he has the same pre. ARC Ref3 that I have, the Cat is suppose to be wonderful also.

Thanks again for the info. I will have to look into trying the M2.2 and 1.2