Lamm Pre to McIntosh Amp

Anybody have this combination.
Yes, I have a Lamm LL2 delux and a pair of Mcintosh Mc-3500
Works perfect
What Mac amp are you looking to use with the Lamm?
The Lamm will drive just about any amp. This pre is one of the best out there.
I have a LAMM LL2 DeLuxe and a Lamm Reference L2 and a pair of McIntosh 275 IVs.Both preamps are outstanding with the Mcs as a mono pair or as a single stereo unit.

Agree with Apachef1 and the LL2 DeLuxe is also excellent value when compared to many other higher priced units.
I believe the Mc2102 has a level control for the amps input?
Haven't auditioned one in a few years so I dont remember if it did, but I'm gonna say you will be very very happy with the results of the Lamm/Mc2102 combo.
The 2102 is a really sweet amp and very elegant in looks and sound If I didnt come across my Mc-3500's I was considering a pair of 2102's and running them in mono.

The Lamm pre is a very tight and crisp sounding pre with great bass out of the box. The 2102 is a warm sounding amp and the combination would work well together.

IMO I have to agree with Mtdking..I dont think the impedence matches well Lamm/McIntosh.Plus the Lamm pre amps Ive heard had that famous HISSSSSS.
Mine is dead quiet. not sure what hiss you're talking about
but could have been from the amp?? 2102?