Lampizator Questions

Hello All-

I’m wondering if there are any long time Lampizator owners here that might be able to answer a few questions I have about the product line specifically with regards to the nuances of tube rolling, the digital boards and the build quality between models.




There was no real "switch" to or from DHT DACs.   LampizatOr DACs have always come with a variety of different tubes utilized.  If you look at the brand history you'll see everything from 6sn7/vt99s, to 12au7, 6n6p, 4p1l, dhts, pentodes, and even some large and unusual indirectly heated tubes.  

Each type of tube requires different kinds of design concerns and solutions.  Here is a video of Lukasz discussing the tube decision for pentodes in Horizon;

@lampizatorna, willgolf For most of the years of Lampizator existents -since 2005, they were making DAC’s with triode tubes but not DHT. When luka came to the US, he was convinced by small audiophile group, in San Fransisco, to produce a DAC with DHT. That’s were the name Golden Gate came about. Since then, Lampi continue to make only DHT DAC’s, until the new flagship Horizon. Don’t get me wrong. I own and love Lampi DAC’s, but was wondering about why, all of a certain, Lampi is using again IHT tubes design? After all, any good tube circuit designer begins with careful selection of tubes. Why Luka selected IHT tube today, after glorifying the sound of DHT design for quite a few years?

@designsfx , thanks. No distortion from either position. As @willgolf mentioned, there is an enthusiastic and active group of Lampi owners on WBF. If you have your eye on a particular model and have a specific question you can probably get more perspective over there. If there is something I can tell you about my preamp that might provide insight to how yours might perform please let me know.



Why not ask Lapizator this question since you're an owner...Rather than ranting and derailing a thread that has NOTHING to do with the issue you brought to it. 


My question was relevant since it was pertaining to the Lampizator DAC.  In regards to your advise - "Why not ask Lampizator this question".  Well, my intention was to hear from knowledgeable, unbiased users of Lampizator, and not directly from the company. 

I wonder, why anyone would be so upset and use derogative tone.   I usually call this time of people like you - An emotional Terrorist.  Good Day.