Las Vegas Used HiFi

Going to Las Vegas for the first time. Are there any good downtown new/used HiFi stores you can recommend that are worth visiting?
Last time I was there in 2010, I went through the phone directory and came up empty.
My friend lives in Vegas and he says there are no high-end stores there anymore.
It's a wasteland here.
I think there are some dealers in Reno and one about halfway to Reno but the local 'Vegas scene is just sad.

Of course, L.A. is only a few hours away.
They have many-many Hi-Fi shops.
I go to Vegas a couple of times a year for the past 20. The only place I have found any good audio equipment was in the dozens of pawn shops.
I have made a few good purchases at CES and THE Show but that is only for the one week in Jan, of course.
Hi, Check out "Audio Xpert" at 2120 e. Charleston.
It is a cool store to visit.
Yeah, that store on Charleston is pretty much it. It's kind of an audio wasteland around here. The whole audio club thing sunk like the Titanic (see the thread in 'Audio Clubs') Yes, I'm more than a little disappointed at this, but what am I gonna do? As far as new equipment, there's Premiere Home Entertainment and Image, Sound & Control. Both are on the west side of town.
A few years ago, there was a highly regarded Hi Fi shop.
I cannot recall the name?
Audio Xpert on Charleston is pretty much the best vintage/used store in town; Bobby...the guy who runs an authorized McIntosh service center, so he knows his stuff. The store's not much to look at - it's in an older part of town in a "well-worn" strip mall, but it's stuffed with gear, including some good finds.

As far as high-end shops, I've been dealing with Premiere Home Entertainment for 12 years. Unfortunately, it's no longer a walk-in store; it's by appointment only, because the bulk of their business is now high-end AV installs and other work; Premiere carries some good lines; their customer service is good.

It's disappointing though that in a city of 2 million people, there aren't more stand-alone high-end shops. You would think that in a city full of musicians and entertainers, you'd have that, but unfortunately you don't.

But it's not a wasteland. I'm in the process of building a good system and can get anything I need.
Well, that's cool about the stores around here. As far as being a wasteland, I said kind of. Meaning, I haven't met any fellow audiophiles around here and the audio club thing looks like it's not gonna happen. And there just doesn't seem to be that much interest in high end audio around here for the most part.
Hi Dave, I think the problem with starting an audio club in Vegas is the different hours that everyone works. Most of the guys into audio that I know, work in the casino business and they all have different days off and work different hours so its hard to figure a time when all can get together.
I once got together with three other guys once a month to listen to music and shoot the sh*t but then after a couple of months of this one guy changed days off and another guy started to work on a different shift and we never got together after that.
The way I found those guys was to spread the word at work (Caesars Palace) that I liked stereo equipment and music and met quite a few guys with the same passion, so they are out there!
Maybe we'll meet someday and check out each others system.
Good Luck, Tish
Yeah, I hear ya. I'm not gonna get worked up about it anymore, it's not worth it really. Thanks for the explanation. Ok, thanks for letting me know. I would hope that they are out there! Basically, I wanna share my passion with others as man is a social animal. And not a lot of people get this stuff as it is! lol. I guess I'm tired of this being a "lonely" hobby, as I would suppose other audiophiles do too. Yeah, maybe, just let me know, I'm around...take care.
Audio Visual Solutions opened in Las Vegas last year in 2015. They are high-end audio and video, home automation and security. They carry lines like McIntosh, PS Audio, Yamaha, Sony, Denon, Onkyo, Brodmann Acoustics, Magnepan, Monitor Audio, Sonus Faber and many others. They have an awesome 4K Dolby Atmos Home theater that is truly amazing. Their state of the art retail store is located at 9340 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89117. 

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