Latin Jazz -- Your Top 5

I have enjoyed Latin Jazz from time to time. I saw Tito Puente at the Village Gate in NY a few years ago and loved it. But, I have never paid enough attention to know who is who and which are the "must have"
recordings and I would like to start a collection -- especially, but not necessarily exclusively, on SACD. If you are into this type of music, which are your top 5 of all time? Top 5 SACD? If 5 isn't enough -- feel free to post a top 10. LP's, CD's, or SACD's. Thank you.
Just a comment,actually.Investigate all of Caribbean Jazz Project's releases.(Check Ebay and
Tony Martinez-Cuban Power Power
Michael Camillo-all
The Latin Project (2003)
jerry gonzales and the fort apache band: moliendo cafe and rumba para monk
chico o'farril big band: carambola
eddie palmieri:arete
mongo santamaria:skin on skin
bobby matos, don't remember title
1. Batacumbele - Live at University of Puerto Rico - an LP from the 80s that is well worth seeking out. Feautures the MONSTROUS conguero Giovanni Hidalgo when he was still called Manenguito. Absolutely slamming!

2. Mario Bauza and his Latin Allstars - Tanga Suite - 1992 CD on Messidor. Fabulous latin big band ensemble playing transcendent arrangements by Chico O'Farrill.

3. Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce - an LP from the 60s that is probably on CD. Has that great fluid Tjader vibes sound, but this one knocks me out because Armando Peraza's conga playing is just so tasty. I don't know of anyone that gets a better "sound" from los cueros. Check out Afro Blue, a full course meal that one.

4. Francisco Aguabella - H2O - a recent LP, but definitely on CD on the Cubop label. Excellent ensemble sound with cool arrangements that feature a lot of sweet horn harmonies. Francisco is a great conguero that is not nearly as well known as he ought to be. He cooks with the best of them.

5. Daniel Ponce - Arawe - an LP from the late 80s. Has a few late 80s pop elements on a few tunes that I don't love but otherwise a great and varied disc by another of the reigning conguero elite.

got lots more faves but no more time to list.