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Musical Fidelity integrateds which is best??
I am with Rich-owned the A3,3.2 for several years. Liked the A3 better-it's warm-not clinical. 
Great old speakers that are as good as new ones
Alon I,II,& IV 
Can anyone recomend any great bono/conga albums
"Caribe" Michel camillo"Mafereful" Tony MartinezPreview these at the Itunes store if you wish 
Are modern speakers better than old speakers?
It's hard to say,as my hearing is not the same in all probability. I am a 1952 vintage myself,and probably need to have my woofers refoamed.tracer 
New or used???
I will not buy speakers that have to be shipped.I have had two episodes that caused me to question the wisdom of using anyone other than myself to transport them-ESPECIALLY if they were expensive,and or large.Besides,I want to hear anything used t... 
Any ideas in speaker choices would be great
Alon I MkII advertised here today.I owned the II's and regret selling them.tracer 
Name your favorite sax solo.
Kenny Garrett with Miles Davis in PARIS,(I think it was Paris.) 
Audio Engine 5, need opinions....
I can't answer your question,but thought I might comment.I also was considering the various Audioengine products,but found a set of KRK5 powered monitors on the Dallas Craiglist for $165.I have owned them for a year,and couldn't be happier.tracer 
Fusion - Any Recommendations?
Herbie Hancock.George Duke,John McLaughlin,Chick coreaJoe ZawinalWeather ReportJason milesMike SternMichel CamilloKenny GarrettKarizmaThese are not "smooth Jazz" artists,so your best bet is Itunes for samples.tracer 
Best Value Speaker Model for the Buck?
Usher s520Alon I or IIOlder System Audio 905 or 950 
Whose got best class D at this point?
The thing that interested me was the lower priced entries. The Little Dot recently sold for $299 on Ebay! 
Whose got best class D at this point?
Something to watch here: 
musical drummers...who are they ???
In the event you want to research this personally into your old age... 
Salsa and high energy latin jazz album suggestions
Absolute Quintet-Dafnis Prieto (fabulous drummer)Michel CamilloTony MartinezCarribbean Jazz Project. 
Best Concert Film
My young apprentices You must first learn the true path before you are qualified to teach...Screaming Headless Torsos