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Need post-y2k OUT jazz recommendations
Duane, I hope you've been working on you "best of" list for 2004, I'm still tryng to get some of the tittles you picked for last year.Thanks for introducing us to all those wonderful artists. 
What music do you want to play really loud?
Anything by Peter Brotzmann 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
baby,don't you give meyour words of sweet whiskeysomething, is crawlingover me quicklySEE, I'VE LIED TOOLAUGHED AT AND CRIED TObut I'm no longertwisted and tied toThe slacker-Red light NYC ska, baby 
Latin Jazz -- Your Top 5
jerry gonzales and the fort apache band: moliendo cafe and rumba para monkchico o'farril big band: carambolaeddie palmieri:aretemongo santamaria:skin on skinbobby matos, don't remember title 
Scratchy/Noisy volume knob on Audio Refinement Amp
I have the same problem with my AR amp, but I've noticed that if I wait for about 5 secs after the unit is on to turn up the volume , I don't get that noise.I have my unit hooked up directly to the outlet on the wall, without any kind of condition... 
Jazz Big Band Recommendations?
Ray Anderson big band record on Gramavision, it's out of print but still easy to find, and remember "don't mow your lawn".also the Italian Instable Orchestra. 
Victoriaville jazz fest, are you going???
Victoriaville jazz fest, are you going???
also Tim berne will be there with his science friction band, can't be that. 
any drummers in the house
thanks guys. 
help me get into gospel
so far i've heard fairfirld four "standing in the safety zone" and mavis staple tribute to mahalia jackson.incredible stuff, thanks guys. 
What are the best live acts?
i just saw iggy pop last night at a local hang out here in miami.he was shooting a video with sum 41(they suck a..)and man,oh man he hasn't lost one bit of energy.he didn't perform any songs just the same one for the video, which i don't even know... 
wow, thanks guys. 
I just finished listening to Tomasz stanko "From the gree hill" and it was pretty amazing. 
Jazz recommendations for a beginner?
jorge you can bet you will love "kind of blue" in the future.I'm also kind of new to jazz and I remember my first live show about 6 yrs ago, it was Terrence Blachard Quintet I tell you I left that place with a headache.There was so much stuff goin... 
help me get into gospel
thanks guys. i went into a website and listened to some clips of the fairfield four WOW!!.