Lavri Cables

I posted this in a Headphones thread but thought I might get better feedback here...

Anybody have experience with Lavri cables for headphones, etc.?  I got their Lightning to USB connector to replace my Apple Camera Adapter and was so impressed I uncharacteristically and impulsively ordered XLR interconnects, a USB cable, and headphone cables from them for the other parts of my headphone rig.  Could be a big mistake on my part as I know nothing about them and haven’t even read any reviews (yeah, I know), but they seem reasonably priced by “high-end” standards and compared to some others out there so just wondering if anyone else has any experience/thoughts on them.  Thanks!


I bought an unbalanced can cable for my PMP. Silver litz with ViaBlue connectors.  It works well with Quads.  Happy camper.

I’m not sure how many responses you’ll get here but I too am curious.

I’ve heard great things about Lavri cables and have been told to try them out. The headphone cable will have to be pretty darn good to beat my Forza Noir Hybrid HPC. I’m looking to replace Audience OHNO XLRs as well.

You will have better success at dialogue on HeadFi.