Lavry DA11 and Apogee Rosetta 200 users

Anybody have experience with either the Lavry DA11 or Apogee Rosetta 200 DACs, either being driven by CD transport or computer source? Would appreciate hearing from current owners on how they would describe the sound of the Lavry and Apogee DACs, what inputs they are using (USB, optical, S/PDIF, etc..) and what system the DACs are being used in.

Benchmark and Berkley Audio have successfully transitioned from Pro audio into high-end audio but seems like outfits like Lavry and Apogee remain primarily situated in pro audio world but have offerings that seem like they can easily transition into high-end audio realm like the products referred to in this thread. Plus their price points when compared to competing high-end audio DACs are relatively attractive. Any thoughts?
I have a Lavry DA-10 that I use with a Squeezebox 3 (Classic) as the digital source using a coax SPDIF connection. The sound is excellent and I have no urge to go looking for upgrades or alternates.

The sound is very neutral and does an excellent job of simply giving me what is on the recording.

My understanding is the DA-11 uses circuitry that is very similar to the DA-10 but slightly refined. However, most of the difference is added features such as USB capability, remote volume control and a few other things.

Dan Lavry is a pretty no-nonsense kind of guy and doesn't play the audiophile marketing game the way some do. I'd recommend you visit his web site and peruse the many technical papers he has available for download.

I can highly recommend his DACs.
Another professional DAC you may consider is the Weiss DAC2. The commercial "Hifi" version of the DAC2 is the Minerva which costs a full $2k more.

I would put the Weiss DAC2 in a different class from the Lavry, Benchmark DAC1 USB, and Apogee (I owned the Benchmark DAC1USB, Lavry DA10, and have heard a friend's Apogee rosetta who owns the Weiss DAC2 as well). The Weiss is more refined, brings out more detail and nuance without sounding sterile.
Thx for the responses. Restock...appreciate the Weiss DAC 2 suggestion (interesting how they price to the 2 different audio much more competitive and so products more value priced it seems like). Keep them coming...especially folks who might actually own these specific units. Thx again.
I have apogee rosetta with firewire card. You really need Rosetta, if you use the both the AD and the DA conversion. If you dont want digitalise analog to your pc, you need not to buy the rosetta. I use it to record live concerts broadcasted by the local classical radio. According to Apogee, the smaller, half-priced dac is the same as the dac of the Rosetta. Rosetta is better than my earlier Mark Levinson 39 was, and in competition with any dac.