Looking for the Rosetta stone, my missing link

I have devoured the archives and have not found a satisfactory thread for my quandry. I have a computer I love, a mac g4 cube and I want to satisfactorily integrate it into my system without any sonic comprimises. I need a component that serves as a dac that accepts firewire (IEE1394) with an analog volume control. This is the missing link between my computer and my mcintosh mc 2102 amp. I want it to possess audiophile quality dacs equivalent to those found on music fidelity or wadia units, its own power supply, balanced outputs and one huge bonus would be to accept/convert 24 bit 92khz data. Does such a product exist? I have no desire for a preamp as all of my music is cd based and I am quite happy with the quality of Sony classical's and Columbia's legacy recordings. I have only one rack space remaining as well with the living voice avatar obx's crossover taking up two valuable slots. Suggestions greatly appreciated.
The DCS Delius D-to-A converter with IEEE 1394 (Firewire) interface sells for $9,995, and is 24-bit / 192 kHz capable.

I have read posts here at Audiogon that this is supposed to be a great D to A converter, but I have not heard one in my own system.

Good luck with your Mac cube, I run a dual G4 tower with 1.5 GB ram since I am a photographer. The best tool for making Photoshop fly. Good luck on using one for high end music as well.
>1.5 GB RAM

I giggled when I saw that. It doesn't seem all that long ago when we thought we were really cruising with 512K.