Least Expensive Power Conditioner/Surge Protector That Won't Worsen Sound

I have an old Shunyata Hydra 6 that I'm sending off to Shunyata to repair. In the meantime, I'm curious - What's the least expensive power conditioner/surge protector that won't worsen the sound? 


I've already discovered that plugging my integrated directly into the wall sounds the best. But I have source components. I have liked the Shunyata, but just in case they're not able to get it back to like new shape, what are your thoughts? (I tried numerous PLCs at the time I bought it almost 20 years ago and I thought it, by far, sounded better than any other one I auditioned in my system, and that included the Hydra 8).


I see many users who have reported worsening sound when using the Audioquest PQ2 and PQ3.


Something like a Panamax PM 5300 or 5400?  Or the Furman Elite 15?


And what is the danger of under-voltage?


Brick wall out of PA for $300, matched several-line conditioners in the $1500 

range andSterphile used to have it in class-B  which is respectable ,I bought 2 and find them pretty effective ,I upgraded mine by upgrading  several internal capacitors 

and installed a Furutech power cord to make it better still , most everything can be bettered if you look inside it ,whst most Audiophiles don’t realize is Thst on average 25% of the-cost goes into the build ,the rest R&D  overhead,and dealer mark up.

If they are doing it right, parts are marked up 5 times in manufacturing. The other costs you mentioned should be marked up 3 times, including labor. Then, that price is doubled twice before the point of purchase. The margins in audio are what makes it all go round. 

I avoid using the AQ Niagra high current outputs and now plug my amps directly into the wall socket- Proves to be sonically inferior through the AQ Niagra

To me this unit was a total waste of money .

Furman Elite 15PFIs - good units, and you can find these used at good prices at Audiogon, US Audiomart, and HiFi Shark.

+1 Brick Wall (same design as ZeroSurge). I own the 8 outlet unit for use with source components, noise-floor is greatly lowered. Circuit breaker, RFI/EMI filtering, series-mode, no MOVs 

However, this conditioner/surge protection will limit current to amps.