Led Zeppelin II

Greetings and Happy Halloween. I would like to get some suggestions on a good version on Vinyl of Le Zeppelin II. Bought the latest release of 4 and it has no bass at all. Thanks and best regards. 
I know you said Vinyl but the Hi Def version on HD Tracks is a knock out.
It was so good I got the entire LZ collection in Hi Def.
I have a Japanese pressing and I like it quite a lot. Some say they are not as good as others, but they are super quiet. I certainly agree with the quiet part - the vinyl is quite silent. As for the sound quality otherwise, I think is very respectable. The price was also reasonable. Not cheap for a near mint copy, but far cheaper than the classic records version of course.
An original Bob Ludwig pressing ia the way to go. A promo or radio copy is advantageous to ensure it is from the original master by Ludwig. The Ludwig original master was dumbed down by Atlantic Records.