Legacy Focus 20/20's vs PBN Montana EPS-2

Still thinking of a new speaker and these have caught my eye. Anybody hear them both. Are they SET friendly, my monoblocks have 36 watts each? Any help appreciated.
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Hi Sthomas12321,
Have had a pair of the Legacy Focus 20/20 for a few years now and have not seen the need to replace them. But am looking for something that has perhaps more depth, disappears more easily and maintains the PRaT of the Legacy.
I like the Montana speakers a lot, I've heard JDoris's several times but they won't have the prat the Legacys do. Upgrade to the HDs they sound much better than the 20/20s.
I kept bringing in speakers to try to beat the Focus. Nothing ever did. I eventually had to sell mine, I still regret it. I always wanted to try some Montana models. Its hard to beat a large speaker like the Focus. They throw suck a large image. Only large Magnepans & Logans have been able to do that equal to the 20/20's (out of what Ive owned)
Listened to a variety of Legacy's today including those mentioned above at the Axpona show in Jacksonville, Fl. I think the Kef Blade bettered them, huge sound stage, great, great depth. I really like the Legacy line, my wife was thrilled by these offerings.
Properly setup, the SEs disappear completely; the HDs nearly as much. They are both fundamentally large improvements over the 20/20s I used to own and go to toe to toe with many other high-end speakers at much higher price points.