Legacy Signature SE for 2 Channel

I'm thinking about buying a pair on Legacy Signature SE speakers for my 13x16x8 room.
Just wanted to know if anyone has ever used these in a 2 channel application ?
Not exactly. However, I did have Classic HDs and Focus SEs
in a room nearly the same size as yours (12 x 15.5 x 8).
The Classic HD worked pretty well, but I was looking for
more and switched to the Focus SE. It ended up being too
much speaker for that room, and I could never keep the bass
from being overwhelming. The Signature SE was not in their
line up at that time, so I moved on from the Legacy line. I
would think the Signature would be the ticket in that room
if you like the Legacy sound. The sealed cabinets will help
keep the bass in control, and they would be capable of
pretty high spl as well in that size room. They may not be
at their absolute best in respect to imaging, due to
proximity of the side wall. However, they should image
pretty well. Hopefully this helps and keep us posted.
I was concerned that they were being touted as Home Theater speakers.
The plan is to use a Pass X-150.5 amp with PS Audio Dac and Transport
I'll post my findings, once I get it set up.
Make sure you allow for a couple hundred hours of break in with them. The sound changes significantly for the better during this time IME. I am not sure who is referring to them as home theater speakers, Legacy lists them as left/right mains on their website. They will work very well for stereo.
You're spot on with the break in .
The sound changed significantly for the better with break in.
I started with the Ayre VX5se , everything about the sound was great except for a lack of bass.
So moved on to a Pass X150.5
Not as good mid and top end but better bass.
Now I'm on the X250.5 by Pass Labs, now everything is what I want it to be.

The Legacy Signature Se and this amp is a great match.

Thanks for your advice....

I am planning to use a pair of focus SE's as main LR with a pair of older signature speakers as rear channel surrounds and one of their least expensive center channel speakers. For amps the Emotiva high powered amps will be the first choice and this in a 15x18 room with sloped ceiling 10-20 feet. Do you think I will want a sub for home theater with this arrangement?

@csmgolf I had a similar issue with Focus SEs in my 20'x13' room; a little overwhelming. I found the Signature SE to be perfect in that room.

I strongly recommend that anyone considering a Pass amp (excellent products) to also consider the Coda S5.5 stereo class A amplifier (retail $6400).

Very interesting recent Audiogon thread, linked below.

Coda S5.5 50W Stereo Class A Amplifier

Regarding subs, one is fine for theatre but you will need two if you want proper stereo music reproduction.

Jim Smith of Get Better Sound fame has a large, detailed chapter on subs in his excellent book.

Get Better Sound