Legacy Audio Focus SE Bi-Amp or Not Bi-Amp

Purchased my "endgame" (for now) set of speakers about 4 months ago. Legacy Audio Focus SE. Wonderful speakers I could not be more impressed with for my taste. 

Originally I had them hooked up to my Luxman 509X as a single amp. After a couple months I took the time to Bi-Amp them as suggested by many Legacy owners and now have the Luxman driving the upper stage and have a Peachtree amp 500 driving the Lower input. 

My first impression was a substantial increase in low end, not necessarily a bad effect, but after listening now for the last 2 months it does seem (at times) to maybe be "too much" low end. 

My room is 20 x 30 with 10' ceilings and I feel I have the room well treated. (pictures in my profile) 

Any feedback or opinions about the pros and cons of running just one amp (the Luxman in my case) VS the Bi-Amp option I an currently running? 

Thanks in Advance!


Sounds like you need a line attenuator for the Peachtree amp to balance the outputs. 


This would be an inexpensive way to try it out. The pre out of your Luxman would need to be converted to xlr and then a pair of xlr out to the Peachtree amp.

Experimenting with slightly different placement may help.  A bit further from walls will give less bass reinforcement.

Room treatment, bass traps, etc., can also help.

As suggested, a way to control the output of the bass amp is another useful solution....especially considering that not all albums have the same bass output.


Legacy offers a Balancer to attenuate one of your amps, just call or message them. I think it is $100


Here is their response:


We recommend utilizing either a Wavelet 2 or this balancer (photo below) which is available from us for $100+shipping.

It allows you to match the signal and run the Focus XD in biamp mode with any amplifier.


If you have any other questions, we're happy to help!


All the best,

James "