Legacy Wavelet as Preamp/DAC/DSP vs just DSP

I am upgrading from a Legacy Focus SE to a Legacy Aeris and Wavelet system. Many folks tend to use the Wavelet as an all in one and end up walking away from thei preamp and DAC separates. I’m skeptical of doing that, as I love my PS Audio Directstream DAC and Modwright LS 36.5 DM preamp. I can’t imagine the Wavelet would beat those.

I’d love to hear others’ journeys with the Wavelet. Did you find it bested your preamp and DAC? Did you end up using it just for your DSP? What preamp, DAC and cables did you use it with, and what did the A/B tests reveal?

Also, has anyone used it only to process the bass section only and used the rest of the output straight from the preamp? Is that even possible?
Thanks for sharing. 

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@meambler sorry for the late reply, but I sold my Focus SE to be able to acquire my Aeris. Good luck on getting one. It is a great speaker.

Hey, dies_irae, your post re outboard PSU is exactly what i needed for my new Aeris/Wavelet setup.  I’m gonna try to track down the HDPlex 300 plus the Revelation cable.  I’ll let you know if I have success.  Thanks for posting.

thanks, steve.  really interesting stuff.  don’t know the reviewer, but he has certainly surfaced some good options.  my biggest concern is really availability (ala HDPlex) and having somebody reliable provide a simple umbilical solution.  will be talking to the Plixir folks, who might be a good one-stop option.  will let you know where I end up.


Hey mitchel, any updates on what you've found.

I've been in touch with Legacy re power supplies and they report one of their Wavelet owners is using this: