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Just upgraded my cart to a Koetsu Rosewood Signature...
User names are sometimes case sensitive…  Steve  
New Class D amplifiers
Legacy Audio iV amps should be considered too.   Steve  
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
@lordmelton thank you for that. Were you using their clock too? if this was connected to their dac at the same time, then I could see the performance jump. There is a list on the link above... 
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
Does the master clock affect the usb output? I would not think so…   Steve  
Legacy Audio Focus XD - Gain Matching Issue between the internal and external amp?
I know one can with the Aeris and above, I don’t see why the Focus would be left out… I bet there would be a fee for this. Yes the powered version…   Steve  
Legacy Audio Focus XD - Gain Matching Issue between the internal and external amp?
I believe you can order them with the function of disengaging the internal ice amps and use your own amp…    Steve  
Legacy Wavelet as Preamp/DAC/DSP vs just DSP
@mitchel  Congrads on your new system… some fyi stuff to read…    Steve  
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
+1 I have been following this and really enjoy reading about your journey… @nyev question, maybe I missed it, but have you tried the upsampling on the N20 with the AES output?  
Speaker of My House…!
Paint it Black Cello Rendition by Wednesday Addams.....
I just started watching this series and enjoyed that too… Steve  
Why does pulling out main speakers from wall improve sound?
According to an expert speaker guy, whom I don’t recall his name said 5’-6 is the magic number for speaker setup, the ear can pick up on the timing difference below this distance, so if your ears are 10’ from the speakers and a reflection path dis... 
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
You can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime… As long as I have been on here the only thing I have seen Ralph do 99% of the time , is educate the community here so they understand ... 
Help me make sense of this - Midfi system sounding better hifi.
As a owner of the 802D, those speakers start to come alive with a higher watt amp… I recommend a high current amp of min 400 watts…    
Preamp with two volume controls?
Maybe this thread may offer some help...      
Phono Stage upgrade to complement Dohmann Helix One Mk 2
Maybe a Brinkmann Edison MK II, I have not heard one yet, but does have a complement of various settings...   Steve