Lehmannaudio Black Cube SE II


I currently own this phono pre in my setup and was wondering if anyone out there is currently using this phono pre for their TT setup? I have some questions regarding the setup of the is phono pre and any suggestions would be helpful. 

Current setup is:

Technics SL1200 GR TT
Vasari Gold Note cart


I'm trying to navigate the settings on the back of it and the manual isn't a whole lot of help. It's currently set, I believe factory and the MoFi Master Tracker and the Technics table sounds pretty good BUT

I set up a different cart, Vasari Gold Note and it's not sounding as good. I understand, I may not have the cart set perfectly yet but might the settings change from cart to cart?

Both are MM and the standard input 47k should be fine. What are you hearing? Maybe it simply isn't as good.
Have a look at this which covers some of this.
The manual is awful. Google it and download the PDF...much more understandable...especially regarding the settings.
I had one and ran into the same thing.
the lehman is great and would work great with that table.  I have heard the combination.
i have the SE, its just a matter of dialing in the DIP switches, load, subsonic, etc