Lenco L75, L78 derivatives, any good?

Hi, I'm a newbie to the Lenco movement, and have been browsing for a table. I've often run into L75 and L78 derivatives, such as the L75/S, but cant find much info on these other than being a DJ turntable. How do these compare to the standard models? If anyone has any other derivatives that they know of and what they feel about them, please let me know, I'm always a sponge for hi-fi knowledge.
Thanks everyone!
The L75/S is the same as the L75 with a more modern tonearm. The basic mechanism is the same as the L75/78.
Thanks Jlin,
By chance, have you compared the two tables at all? I've been looking at some of them, but because of the mat and metal housing, it sure looks funky compared to the more sedate and stately black mat and wooden plinth. Its good to know that the mechanisms are basically the same. Do you know if it also maintains the heavier platter? Somehow, I thought buying a Lenco would be a relatively easy process, but didnt expect different models to appear, and prices to be on the higher side too.
Well, hope I get one soon.
There's excellent info on all the different Lenco models at: http://www.btinternet.com/~a.d.richarson/hifi/lenco/lenco_land.html. You can cut and paste this address or do a Google search for Lencoland.

Basically, the mechanism for all the idler wheel Lencos is the same. They had heavy and light platter models. Jean Nantais, who started the monster Lenco thread, recommends the L75, L78 (semi-auto with auto arm return) and the GL88 and GL99, which apparently were only made for the British market. All the above are heavy platter models, the latter two were armless so the most versatile - for the others you need to cut off the corner of the top plate to accomodate most arms. Note that US/Canadian models had motors for 60 Hz whereas British/European had motors for 50 Hz and may not be able to be adjusted to 33 1/3 rpm in the US/Canada.
Hi Jlin,
Thanks for all your info. I've spent the last several days poring over the site you mentioned, as well as others. Do you, or anyone else, know if the model numbers of the Benjamin and Bogen models were kept consistent with the Lenco versions, or am I completely off the mark, and the L75, L78 model numbers ARE the numbers used by the american companies? I posted this same question in the home despot thread, but wasnt sure if that was the right place.
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