LessLoss Echos End

Hey guys. I’ve been looking at dacs for what seems like an eternity. I’m heavily leaning towards the Denafrips Venus 2 or Terminator 2. I can’t use Holo Audio due to the high voltage output of 5.8 vrms of the balanced xlr’s. I was really hoping to love the Venus at $3000 but reviews are underwhelming. The Terminator seems to be universally highly regarded. But, at $5000, that introduced me to LessLoss Echos End. The hand made nature of this dac, as well as my Aric Audio Custom 300b PSET and Super 6sn7 Linestbe preamp, appeals to me. Tough finding reviews though from actual owners. Was hoping for some input from Audiogon members. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Earthbound


Look at the Musician Aquarius.  It’s up there on the level of the Terminator, but you could add their Phoenix DDC and take it to the next level with an i2S connection for around the same $5k.  Here are a couple reviews…  





Yikes. This isn’t a good sign

I disagree. It is a small European brand/product that flies under the radar, so many aren’t as aware of its existence. It hasn’t the hype or attention of some of the popular Chinese brands covered often on this forum. I believe you are on the right track. From what I know about it, this is a very well engineered and excellent sounding DAC. Member @jerryl123 owns one and is utterly happy with it.

I would recommend that you reach out to him via Audiogon email. I believe this DAC is worthy of more attention. Furthermore, I believe it would be a terrific match with your current audio system set up.

@earthbound I just wanted to point out that 5.8 volts out of a balanced DAC will work just fine with your Super 6SN7 Linestage balanced inputs. The Jensen transformers can handle up to 8-9 volts without any rolloff. I just didn't want you to limit your choices because of this. 


Best regards, Aric


Wouldn’t that high of an output voltage limit the usable range of the volume control? Possibly too high a gain in the audio. Granted, I don’t know the input sensitivity of your 300b amplifier or the level of gain in your line stage. I am assuming with the use of that PSET amplifier, the speakers in this system are probably fairly high sensitivity. All of these factors combined could lead to excess audio system gain.


Hey Charles, In this case it wouldn’t hurt anything as the Super 6SN7 Linestage has a selectable output level control to gain match with the amp so the gain could be reduced at the output. Also the Khozmo volume control is an audio taper so it does not have that big bump at the first 1/4 rotation like many have. A balanced out is typically in the 4-5 volt range so this isn’t really all that high, at least not for practical use in earthbound’s system. Just another option to keep open is the only point I was trying to make. Best regards, Aric

Google is your friend and there is a dealer/importer in Nashville that will let you demo one.


Thanks Aric for the heads up. There’s plenty of options so I wasn’t too upset to cross one off! Btw, preamp is fully broken in and everything sounds wonderful. 😀

Thanks for the heads up recklesskelly. I actually did go to their website to read some reviews. I did not see the trial period offer when I was there. Good to know. 



That link is for auditioning the C Marc line of cables not the DACs. Best to call Constantin and ask whether he sends out components for evaluation

Thank you. I did see that trial for the cables. Under another heading I saw a 10 day trial for certain items but to call. Calling now!

Constantin was super nice to talk to and quite informative. They do have a loaner program. I will sort out which streamer to purchase and borrow the loaner. Good times. 


Good news!!

Let us know your listening impressions of the Lessloss DAC in due time.


Will do Charles. I was reading some of your posts over at What’s Best regarding streamers, particularly the Innuos Pulse. Constantin seems to like them and I like the idea of the beefed up power supply. Look forward to making the next step to improving the sound. 

Yes, I too have been hunting the "ideal " DAC for quite some time.

I would be interested in your thoughts on the Less Loss.


I chose to go a different route mdrone. The dac, if memory serves is a1.6v which I’m not sure is enough power for an 8/9 watt set amp. Also, having heard it compared to the Rockna, it sounded very mellow. My heart wants a bit more dynamics or liveliness, but I’m afraid in the end my ears will demand mellow. I’m going to give the Rockna Wavedream xlr a shot. 

So I’ve listened to the Rockna Wavedream Edition xlr for a few days now. I will have to say it has brought the sound to the level I expected a system of this level to sound like. The resolution, I would normally say clarity here but apparently I don’t know the difference, is amazing. The sound is so clear, precise and separate. With my aging and sensitive, tinnitus, ears, I was worried it would be too harsh or bright. Absolutely none of those problems. I will say though that there’s a lot of sound for my brain to process. I’ve had long sessions, about 4 or 5 hours with no fatigue, but kept the volume under control. I will have to continue and see once the volume increases if ear fatigue sets in. It did with the Topping quickly and the Cambridge after an album. I’m talking volumes I would not sustain all day. This is not a criticism on any dacs but my way to test sound. I lasted 10 minutes with Zu speakers. So, if I can have long low/medium listening sessions and an album or 2 of pretty loud and no ear fatigue=keeper for sure. Really is a beautiful sounding dac. Has nice flow and sounds very natural. It allows you to pick the tiniest sound and just hear it separately and so clearly. After some further listening this holiday weekend, perhaps I will swap some tubes and see what I get.