Let's forget about being politically correct

I thought this would catch the attention of some of you. I have for the past 10 years used a SS amp and tube preamp. This was the prevailing wisdom with alot of audiophiles in the 90's and even today. I am look for a change in my amp/preamp, who out there is using a tube amp with a ss pre? How does it sound? What combinations have you tried?
I added a Tact RCS 2.0 to my stystem (tube pre and amp). Then I removed the preamp to try the simpler is better approach. This configuration didn't last through the first song. I put the preamp back in and it's been there ever since. YMMV
I feel sonically and electrically that a proper SS preamp and a good tube amp (ARC,Wolcott,SF,McIntosh) with the correct power and cables makes the most sense. I defy anyone to listen to my system and tell me it is not musically natural and quiet as the grave with no false air read noise. Just choose your flavor with input tubes. The opposite amplifies the tube "rush" (some of A.Porter's exemplars,the Atmasphere, and BAT and others) maybe an exception but they will still add noise as they age and that noise will be amplified all the way down the line....IMHO&E
i have used tube amps with SS preamps in the past. IMO, if you are going to use SS in the system it should be the preamp. i had great results with a Spectral preamp with tube amps.
I hate to agree with anything from Mr.Jcbtubes but he is right on with his comments that came from Rcrump. I think we should give Jcbtubes silence instead of tubes. But that would be so cruel since he has no clue how silence is achieved. How is that not being politically correct?
Engineer Bill Thalmann of Music Technology and formally Conrad Johnson uses a solid state preamp with a tube amp.

At the just concluded Montreal Audio Show, Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle was showing off a prototype solid state preamp he may put on the market next year, with one of his hybrid tube amps.
The solid state amp issue really is best debated with the
speakers to be driven in mind. I have the Dunlavy SC-Vs that
love and require a high current design amp to get the maximum potential for bass. In fact, I use two SS amps vertically biamped which really makes for an amazing bottom end to the system. Along with this, I use a Tube preamp which seems to balance the system nicely.