Forget Clapton, Roger Modjeski is god

Just got a Music Reference RM-10 which replaces a Sonographe SA-250. As I was listening to this or that cut on cd after cd I kept coming back to the same descriptive: balanced.Everything's there from the E-string low bass through Joan Baez' contralto to the shimmer of cymbals. This little 16 pound, EL-84 wonder has brought me to an incredibly high plateau of enjoyment. Building a system is such a wonderful journey.Having put together a Parasound 1000 with an SFL-1 pre and Sonographe main was nice; replacing the Parasound with a Cambridge D500-SE brought the music to life but let through mid and treble hardness that I thought was digital; Kevin Haskins (kevperro, gotta plug a member) power cords smoothed that out some, and now the RM-10 sends nothing but music to the Meadowlark Kestrels. I kept listening for the tube downside, softened transients, loose bass, higher noise level but it's none of the above. Thanks Roger and thanks to the Audiogon members who inspired me to take this ride with equipment and music recommendations. Oh yeah, I have a treat for all of you:
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, "20 Exitos". Dig it.
Sounds like you have a good match going. Good for you. I am not familiar with the Music Reference, but will give it a look see on the web, now that you mention it.
Kitch, You are correct about Modjeski. His products are top notch. The first time I heard the RM-10 I couldn't believe the bottom end control for a tube amp with the clarity. He's been around along time and I guess he prefers to stay on a smaller scale. It surprises me that Modjeski is obscure to most audiophiles
Highly recommend his equipment. Also very helpful if you ever have need to talk to Roger. Regards, Richard.
Kitch, that was quick. Didn't you get the sonographe in december? (you had responded to my kestral thread awhile back). As you now know tubes and the kestals make a great combo. After thinking my EL34 based CJ MV 52 was a poor match for my kestral hotrods, I discovered a broken tweeter wire -hence the lack of sparkle. Now I'm loving the combo. Next on my hit list is a new CDP or Dac. Enjoy! Peter
Prfont-the Cambridge D500SE made me realise something was wrong. I knew the SFL-1 was nearly neutral and Trelja was describing his D500 differently. I recalled Pat McGinty of Meadowlark recommending the RM-10 and read a review of the combination: RM-10 and Kestrels. Decided to go for it. Whether the tubes are taming the CDP or the amp is as true as Modjeski's literature maintains, both pieces are killer. Get a Cambridge for $399 and forget about DAC's, at least until things shake out some more.BTW, there were 6 RM-10's for sale 2 weeks ago on this site when I bought mine, now there are 2. You other guys better hurry. Has anybody checked out Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, yet? Big Band Salsa meets Reggae with a pinch of Spike Jones. Great sonics and you should hear them do "Strawberry Fields"