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Wright WPA 3.5's What's Next?
Another vote for type 45s. I have the Wright monoblocs. I once had the Korneff amp but the size and weight put me off. I never actually a/b'd the two but I do like type 45s. I also owned the Minimax preamp, very seductive. I can understand your ch... 
Headphones for iPod.
Check out the Etymotic ER-6i (the i is for iPod) at the HeadRoom:www.headphone.com/products/headphones/in-ear-monitor/etymotic-er-6i.phpThey'll give you $20 off the retail price of $149. 
Preamp for Wright 3.5 Mono's
I personally like the Wright preamp and use it with the Wright 1.75 (type 45) mono blocs. I also liked the MiniMax preamp which is similarly priced (and perhaps seen more often on the used market). 
guitar question
I use the Audience guitar cable and their mic cable. Both are excellent. 
Multichannel pre recommendations not processors
Mapletree Audio Design Line 5 SE Modular Series Multi-Channel Line Preamplifier http://hollowstate.netfirms.com/Line5.htm 
High impedance Speakers
Soliloquy 5.0i is 10 ohms.Soliloquy 6.2i is 12 ohms.Of course these are nominal values, but Soliloquys have a reputation of working well with tubes.Also there is always the option of the Zeros (speaker impedance multiplying autoformers) by Paul Sp... 
Etymotics Vs Shure High End Headphones
Check out the reviews at head-fi.org at this address:http://www6.head-fi.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=19You'll find quite a number of comparisons among the Shure, Etymotic, Sensphonic, Ulitmate Ears, and others.Good luck. 
Silver vs. Cooper speakers cables
Addendum: I also use Silver Audio Q10 and T14 silver coated copper speaker cables in my home theater system. This was a nice synergy between an NAD processor, 7 ASL Wave 8 amps, and Soliloquy speakers. My main tube-based system , however uses all ... 
Silver vs. Cooper speakers cables
Whether or not silver is a good choice depends primarily on two factors. One, the quality of your components ahead of the cables should be quite refined since you might expose high end harshness that you didn't know was there (IMO). Second, your p... 
Best Used Bang for Buck if I Finally SWITCH ?
I'm typing this on my Mac. The PC is behind me at my desk. I had the PC for consulting work where most people use PCs. My Mac is for my home studio. Get a Mac, you'll love it. If you want used, you might try an online source that I bought mine fro... 
What sonic differences between 2a3, 211,300B & 800
I thought I'd add my impressions of the 2A3 vs 300B into the mix. In my system the 2A3 had a soundstage that filled the entire front wall (small room). It went well beyond the speakers. I didn't find this quality pleasing because I listen to a lot... 
suggest tube amp wattage for my speakers..?
That's WELBORNE LABS. If I'm going to quote someone, I should at least spell their name correctly. Cheers. 
suggest tube amp wattage for my speakers..?
Take a look at Welborn Labs recommendations for speaker and tube amp matching at: http://www.welbornelabs.com/recomendspeaks.htm There you will see "minimum recommendations for speaker sensitivity are as follows:"3 watts or less - 94dB minimum sen... 
Behringer DEQ2496 - wow
I would guess that the reference mic sold for the Behringer is corrected for in the RTA (that should be the way it works). That has been true of every RTA that I've used. My old standby is an Audio Control 3050A and its reference mic, a C15360. I ... 
Sonic difference between MF PSU-v3 and wallwort
I have an X-10v3. Without the X-PSUv3, I wouldn't even consider keeping it (my guess as to why we've seen so many up for sale). IMHO the X-PSUv3 is absolutely essential. It takes care of the low end quite nicely.