Let's Talk Audio Companies

I'm looking for a audio company in New York, Do you have any suggestions? Ciamara was recommended, do you know anything about them?
Well, if want to see what audio abuse is all about, you must go to Lyric. Caution, only those that bring there bank book of their smartphone app that can show a six figure balance will be admitted.
Stereo Exchange is just as bad as Lyric. I haven't been there in a while, but there was a store near the 59th street bridge that didn't seem too bad. I forget the name. In Living Stereo is good, but small. The best place to go is Audio Connection. If you are in the city, its probably an easier trip than if you were to go some place in Brooklyn or Queens. I've been to a lot of audio stores and that one is the best.
Second Audio Connection. Heard good things about Park Ave. Audio too. Worth a road trip to Goodwins outside Boston. Great products and they know how to treat customers, unlike most places in our area. Let us know how it goes.