Lieder anyone?

This niche within classical music, largely leaves my cold a defect in my character I'm sure. I suppose it reached a sort of peak in 19th century Germany, becoming an important part of Schubert's output for example. 

But and it's a big but, there is Mahler and Richard Straus, two of my favourite 20th century composers anyway. They both produced achingly beautiful, melancholic song cycles and I never tire of listening to them. If you want to explore them, then anything by Janet Baker or Elizabeth Scwarzkopf are just perfect for Mahler and Leontine Price's 4 Last Songs for Strauss. You can't go wrong with them.




I also love the Norman Four Last Songs.  

One more suggestion: Cantaloube “Songs of the Auverne.”  

I get so tired of the war horses and the mutable times they end up getting rereleased. When I go to the record stores and I see the classical bins flooded with Bernstein on Columbia, I think, do people really believe Bernstein to be better than the hundreds of other conductors during his generation or do they just not know any different? I will go out of my way to find music that is anomalous.

How can I have forgotten Songs of the Auverne, Kiri Te Kanawa or Vittoria de Los Angeles for me.

I like the Te Kanawa and Victoria de Los Angeles versions too, but the utterly unique singing style and voice of Davrath makes her version my choice. Being so lazy, I don’t listen to it much because it is on lp and not on my music server (I should subscribe to a service).