Line Array speakers?

Hey everybody!

Do any of you own line array speakers? Which ones?

I heard some a couple days ago. Man, I thought I was in the Fillmore East at a Humble Pie concert! Wow!
I am a big fan of the line array and have a custom pair of the LS-9 that av123 is going to sell someday....the cabinetry and networks on mine are very different from the av123 offering...
What is a speaker array? Array or line array this is a array of speaker systems are assembled into a row of wires and when hung up will form a corner Wide sound so many people call this a hanging speaker.
Hi All!
I am a big fan of the line array And I own 4 pairs of Array RCF HDL 10A. And here is the review of this speaker model (See here: How about you? Give me a review from you.