Line Magnetic 845 Premium or Pass Labs INT-60?

I’m considering 2 similarly priced systems - Line Magnetic 845 Premium ($8000 USA) and Pass Labs INT-60 ($9000). I was considering the Pass, but always been curious about 845 SET amps.
Speakers are high-end DIY Scan-Speak 13” 3-way (86dB), 8” 2.5-way (89dB).

Questions. Topology and power aside:
1. Which has a more convincing 3D spatial and holographic imaging?
2. Better dynamics and frequency response?
3. Any experiences with these or similar brand amps?


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@tvad Unsurprisingly I had the same initial take as you...the Pass is the safer bet but it’s possible for the LM845 offer something different that could be nice depending on the speaker impedance. (8 ohms or higher). I’ve read a reviewer who really liked the LM845 paired with Wilson Watt Puppy 8’s before for instance which you wouldn't expect based on spec alone.
Thanks for the replies everyone!

13” 3-way, 86dB speakers are 8 ohms in the vocal range, but dip to 4 ohms @50Hz, @5-7kHz.
8” 2.5-way, 89dB speakers are 8 ohms in the vocal range, but dip to 3-4 ohms @80-400Hz, @4-12kHz. I’ll check with Reno HiFi next week when they reopen.
My Custom 65W PP KT88 is fairly good on the 13” 86dB, but doesn’t deliver the dynamics and frequency extension like my solid state amp does on that speaker. Based on my impedances, I wonder if the LM 845 Premium might not sound optimal. I could bi-amp the tube amp to the mid cab, and go plate amp or class D for the bass cab?...
Having lived with both amps the Pass can do everything that the LM can do and can do some things better, offering more detail and a larger sound stage and at the same time sounding real to life. This is using Devore Nines and Wilson Watt Puppy 5.1 speakers. The LM 845 is a great amp no question but if it were my money i would choose the Pass. A quick demo will not tell the whole story on both amps, the Pass takes at least 200 hrs. to sound it`s best while the LM takes about 100 hrs.
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Hi, I agree with comments above. I have a Pass Int-60 available for sale (3 months old). I went back to tubes with a 300B SET amp, but my speakers are 93 db. If you are interested in the Pass get in touch.

Agreed that it all comes down to system matching. I've had 8W 300bs outperform an int30a on one system and first watt f4s outperform the same 300b monos on a different one. In both cases the speakers were in the 90s with flat impedance curves higher than 8 ohms.

Although I agree that the signs point towards the SS option here, as always there's only one way to really know...
Hi Chorus, 
My main music library consist of Jazz Trio's. With my 300B SET amp, the sound is more intimate, the precise feeling you want to get while listening to old jazz. The Pass is an excellent SS amp, capable of delivering great performance as well, but the 300B is more romantic and tuned to my taste in sound.
It is a matter of taste in my case, more than better or worse.
Thanks everyone for the great responses! I think Pass INT-60 will be the logical choice with my range of speakers.👍
One nice thing about trying Pass products is that you can easily get home trial periods from RenoHifi. 

And the best thing about owning Pass products is supporting a company that truly cares about their customers.

What other manufacturer out there is spending work hours helping diyers copy their commercial designs? Just an amazing company all around.
Don't worry about the Line Magnetic current capability, I had the 518ia powering my Rockport Avior's which drop to 1.73 ohms in the bass section (just like wilsons)  and the 518ia is amazing with the 845 tubes.  effortless.  I have never owned a Pass amp but I have owned 3 pairs of Lamm's M1.1,M2.1, ML2.1's and the Line Magnetic has the magic but is a little more open and clearer on the top end.  I have been curious about the Pass class A  products in the past, so please post how it sounds. 
I have a Pass INT-25 powering a set of Dynaudio Heritage Specials which are rated at 85DB and 4 ohms. I also use it to power Klipsch Heresy IV's. I used to own the older LM 845 219ia. I love both amps but without question would go for the Pass Labs. It's better sounding, less heat but still gets warm, no tubes to maintain or replace and silent as a mouse with incredible customer service. The Pass Labs INT-25 has made me a huge fan of the brand. If I ever upgrade it will be to the INT-250 or maybe the 60 even. Even so, the INT-25 powers these Dynaudios in my 12X18 room without breaking a sweat, loud or soft. Bests my other amps from Naim and Musical Fidelity. Enjoy. 
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