Line Magnetic LM-805 and LM-845 Premium Integrated Amps

Hi All,
I currently own an LM-805.  It is a great sounding and powerful integrated tube amp.  I am wondering if any LM-845 Premium owners can comment on the sound quality of this amp which is the top of the line integrated by Line Magnetic, especially compared to the LM-805.  I am considering upgrading to the LM-845 Premium.  I have a pair of Harbeth SHL5 Plus speakers.
Thank you in advance..
I have owned an LM 845 for 8 months and it is great. It replaced a Shindo Cortese F2A. The Shindo did not have enough power for my Devore Orangutan 93 speakers but the LM 845 is heavenly with them. Punchy bass, great detail, and no harsh edges that hurt my ears. 

The Devore speakers replaced Harbeth C 7ES3 speakers and are much more efficient and easier for a tube amp to drive. I don't think the LM 845 and your Harbeth speakers are an ideal match as the Harbeths like more power than the 845 can offer.