Linear Audio Microzotl MZ2 or Dragon Inspire 1HA-1 Headphone Amp

Looking for a tube headphone amp and narrowed it down to the above two, Both have excellent reviews and similar cost with the upgrade power supply for the Microzotl. (2K) Some concern about hum issues mentioned in reviews of the Dragon but have owned other products designed by Dennis Had and had no problems at all and loved the sound, also owned a David Berning design pre amp in the past and was one of the best I have ever owned. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


Yeah, IMHO the LPS is not really an option with the MZ2 — it’s mandatory.  I don’t know anything about the Dragon, but if you like the Berning house sound that’s a pretty good indicator.  If they both have stellar reviews and offer the sound characteristics you’re looking for I’d skew to the MZ2 because it’s a sound you know you already like.  But, like I said, I know nothing about the Dragon so take this for what it’s worth.  Best of luck.