DIY plans for audio diffusors

Can anyone provide a link to DIY plans for relatively simple wood audio diffusors? Thanks.


Do a search for "DYI wood audio diffuser panels" and you will bring up a lot of images of panels.   You will get a lot of good ideas there.  You can click on links - Pinterest has a number of ideas.  

In addition, there is a very good article on diffusion and sound absorption in a recent Stereophile.  The article discussed in detail the research by this group:  The bottom line here is the number of edges are more important than the square footage of a given absorptive surface.   You can download the papers from that link.   The point is, you can easily make something with a lot of edges and a little thought.  for example, a square with side length X has more edge length than a circle of diameter size X.  The engineers who published the papers did some ground breaking work and most of what we think is important, turns out is not.  The papers are very good reads if you are going to build something yourself.

I've thought about doing some calculus limits and determining the smallest area of an object with the most edge length, sort of like what was done back in the day to determine the max internal volume of a can versus the minimum external size.   I just have too many audio designs floating around at the moment to take the time to do it.

BTW, if there are a number of wineries around your home, you might consider offering to buy all their used corks every month.  Normally they are just tossed and a few bucks per cubic foot will give you more corks than you know what to do with.


I have scoured the internet and found a plan for an easy-to-build diffusor from this site, but am unable to get the free download.  I have 10 thumbs so I need something very simple to build.  I did not check Pinterest, but will do so. Thanks.


I built 4 of these off a downloaded plan. The diagram looks like a chessboard with numbers 1-5 in each square, representing the length of each peg. Bought long pine boards, did the math on how many were needed of each length and chopsaw away! For visual impact, selected a few contrasting stains and stained each piece before gluing onto the base. Add miter cut molding as trim...and there ya go... The plan details may be on my system page thread. 

A fun and easy project for my wife and I. The wood shop is her domain, the listening room mine. Cheers,