Linear Power Supply for Netgear FS-108 Switch

I've heard a linear power supply for the FS-108 Switch will improve audio quality and keep out noise.  Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced LPS for this switch, which is 9V, .54A input.  Thanks,

I’ve been looking into the same thing.  Don’t know but am hearing and reading that unlike amps, and other gear like my preamp, a LPS is actually a detriment and you must use a switcher with a switch.   

I have a friend who has a netgear switch for his rig and I’ll ask him and try to get back to you here.  
Small Green Computer. Made in New Hampshire and maybe $100-$150.

Other less expensive options are usually all shipped from China at $75-$90.
Not worth the hassle.

Or, Keces Audio if you want to pay $350 for a really cool looking box.

+1 Small Green Computer....quality products with an accessible owner. I'd call Andrew Gillis and ask his opinion