Linear Tracking Turntables - Best??

Entertaining the idea of acquiring a linear tracking turntable. Which was condidered the most sota. Ease of set up and maintenace is a prerequsite. Most I have talked with,say linear only way to go. OK AUDIOGON MEMBERS ITS YOUR TURN. Convince me one way or the other
 "From my experience even average linear arm can easily outperform high performance pivoted. Shortly and clearly."

Right on...or, shall we say, 'right arm'? ;)
There is no getting away from anti skate's complications. Not to be adamant about LTs because once you delve into the compromises with them questions do arise. 
I do own a Trans Fi and the air cushion under the angled bearing, if you can call it that, would seem to be pretty stable. The interface between the long angled metal base and the saddle that transports the short arm would seem to be quite stable. The design is simple, and uses an extremely low pressure. I just like it. Comments about compromised bass are misguided I can assure you. I can't really imagine any slop affecting the performance. 
I can't really imagine any slop affecting the performance.
The engineering issue is similar to the steering and suspension in a car. If there is any slop, the result is scary and dangerous handling. In a tone arm/cartridge situation, it plays out as a coloration. That is why there can't be any slop, if indeed a neutral presentation is your goal.
Dentdog, I also own and love a TransFi. A good way to check bearing play on that arm is to mount a laser pen so that it reflect at 90 degrees off the pressurized aluminum slider onto the ceiling(the taller the ceiling, the finer the resolution). Instability of the laser dot indicates bearing play.  Assuming that the dot moves a measureable distance, with basic geometry you can calculate the bearing play.   
Trans-Fi Terminator! Forget the post and all the opinions, buy one and you will be very happy for a very long time. I've heard all the arguments for and against linear trackers and have owned a few but the Terminator got it's name for a reason. Highly overlooked in the community but I would race mine against any arm anytime. Plus you get to run your phono completely balanced from cart to pre-amp! Sweet!