Linkup CAT8 compared to the best?

Thought I'd pose this question on Digital rather than Cables as it's quite niche.

I have seen a lot of positivity on here recently for the Linkup CAT8 ethernet, particularly regarding it besting the much admired Supra.

Has anyone though compared it to a "top end" cable?  By that, I'm talking about the likes of AQ Diamond, SOtM Cat7u/Cat8, Shunyata etc


I build my own

1. start with OFC CONDUCTORS (some are only OFC connectors)

2. I use two colors, twist them, i.e. red and black. Easy to know positive at each end

3. cut rj45 connectors off, put high quality connectors on, I use WBT spades.

4. conductor gauge: I searched, found cable with 22awg. you will see 24awg; 26awg.

i.e. 8 strands of 22 awg is equivalent to13awg. Any of these gauges will be more than you need. Smaller gauges (higher number) are a bit more flexible.



The Linkup is economical enough that I thought "why not?" and gave it a try. Not against top tier cables, I have Wireworld Chroma. Spoiler, the Chroma won. The iMac slowed a bit, the TV picture degraded and digital lost my interest. Just one persons experience. I switched back after a few days and everything blossomed.

I don’t have fiber. Download speeds are 200 wifi and 300 wired, either cable.  The TV and streamer are wired to Orbi satellites.  iMac is wired to router.

I’m thinking of getting a longish (30 feet) run of this cable to use between my router and Uptone Etherregen

After the Etherregen there is a 1/2 meter Triode Wire Labs Ethernet cable into my streamer.