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I ask for advice.I bought recently Linn Espek speaker (I had already player CD Ikemi+ Krell 300iv)and I want to swicht to active mode. I don't have the money for bying what the dealer of Linn at Montreal propose honestly to me :Linn Magic 1 (2 channel's)and linn C 4100 (4 channel'S)+ free card'S. The magic1 would serve as the preamp.Total 5,500 can $ taxes include. It is a good proposition but it still to expensive for me right now (2 young kid'S!) I would like to be advice about the second hand Linn product'S sell'S on audiogon. What I should look for getting a real good active mode:3 LK100+Kairn (upgrade of last generation) + cards?LK 100, 50 watt's amps seem'S to be short for Espek speaker?Looking for bying the «rare» Exotic preamp on audiogon? Or wait and expecting better time for income money!One thing's I'm sure, I want to buy the Linn active «kit» who will increase very significantly my actual set up. Thank's for your advices.(Sorry for my english writing!)
I have 3 Linn LK85's tri-amped into Espeks, all active. Great sound and recommended.
Your English is better than my French.

If you're on a budget, I think the best bang for the buck would be a Kairn and three LK 85 amps. You could do it all for about $2200 at Audiogon.

The Kairn is an exceptional pre-amp and it is now quite inexpensive on the used market. The LK 85 is a bit limited in power and is maybe not the best Linn amp you could find. However, for the price, and in active configuration, it would be great. Remember that passive speaker crossovers waste about three quarters of the power. With active, you don't lose that power so you can use smaller amps. The amp will be much more powerful when used actively.

Another even cheaper alternative would be to buy a Majik integrated (the older discontinued Majik model), and two LK 85 power amps. This will give you a pre-amp and six channels of power for about $1500 at current used market prices on Audiogon.

Then you can enjoy an active Linn system on the cheap and save for a big upgrade in the future.
I've asked similar questions here on Audiogon about Linn preamps and amps to drive Ninka's aktively, so you may want to search the posts for some of the responses.

Through those posts and some discussions with dealers, I think the LK85s are the best budget choice. They are low on power but in an aktive setup they only have to drive one speaker driver. The LK140s are very similar to LK85s but with more power. LK100s are older and probably not as good.

You can mix and match as all Linn amps have the same gain. Also, people recommend the best amps drive the high frequency drivers as that is more important to the overall sound.

One suggestion on preamps...there are several new Majik Kontrol preamps on audiogon right now for around 2000 USD.