Linn Genki variable output versus Majik pre-amp

Does anyone have experience with the Linn Genki variable pre-output versus using the pre-amp in the Majik? Is there much of a difference, or is the sound about the same? Thanks for your advice.
Not exactly. I've owned the Genki and ran it alone and through my Wakonda. The sound was better through the preamp.
The Genkis variable outputs are not known to be of highest quality. To get best performance from your Genki, use the fixed outputs and turn the volume on the Genki down to 0. Then go into the Genkis settings and disable volume control when using the remote.
The Majik, definitely. The Genki sounds a little bright and hashy by comparison, esp. in an all LINN setup [my frame of ref.]. If you can get a Wakonda, even better yet!

Thanks for the advise. I will try this tonight at home.

I currently have a MAJIK/GENKI/KALIYDH passive configuration which I am enjoying by lacks weight in the bass range - a common view I have learnt from my research.

If I stick to the Linn route (something which has proved expensive for my brother when he went through hoops upgrading his Sondex) I am proposing the following incremental development. This will allow me to learn the most and spread the cost.

Before, I list this I do have to point out that my brother on his recent visit to Shanghai bought a Shanling valve CD player for GBP600 new that was more fulfulling and resonant than the Genki at almost half the price. While we were at it we demoed a top Chinese valve amp at about GBP1500 for a 3 peice. It was a pleasant experiance and I was urged to A/B againt the biamped LK 140 solution.

The problem I have is it is not possible to have this A/B demo in Shanghai and if I go the valve route a big one off investment. So interesting background but I think I am going to stick to the more incremental route availble with Linn with one exception. In our travels through the fantastic chinese HIFI dept stores (fantastic due to the volme of stuff they have here rather than the demo sophistication) we bought some monster cables (chinese) almost a inch thick for the speaker cable and an 1/2 inch phono cable - all for less than GBP100.

Wired up the M/G/K in passive with them and WOW what an impovement.

So now my list of improvements in the best order as I understand it :-

Step 1 - secure my own set of monster cables, proably two sets in readiness for biamping at some time in the future.(approx. GBP 200)

Step 2 - buy one LK140 and run passively using the Majik as a pre-amp. (approx GBP800)

Step 3 - buy a 2nd LK140 and biamp the speakers and go activ. (approx GBP 800 plus GBP x?????)

Step 4 - upgrade speakers to B&W804 (which I have heard and love) or Ninka's which I have not heard. (no idea)

Any comments on any points made most welcome.

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The valves could well have a more pleasing sound, but that is a personal taste. What detracts from valves in my mind is the bass weight and upkeep costs.

Re speakers, I've never heard B&Ws sound good with LINN gear - they just don't seem to like each other. When looking at Ninkas, which I have, the upgraded bases are a MUST! The clarity and bass drive increases are rather stunning.

Another option, which I am currently interested in, are ATC. In a smaller room, I would take ATC SCM7s over Ninkas in a heart-beat. Mine is a bit larger, so I currently lust for 12s. LINN and ATC pair like a Yaluma Shiraz and well marbled steak - simply perfect!


I love linn and b&w speakers together. I have also seen many post's by people that have said combination and love it.

That said the Linn speakers always have the possibilty to be taken active which the b&w do not.

So it really lies in the quality of the amps you want to pair with which speaker. And what sounds best to you.

Interesting. I've got B&W in my movie system, due to my opposing tastes.

Goes to show - one's own ears are the best for advice.

I agree with K_peterso above on the bright and harsh sound from the Genki preamp. I just wanted to warn you that I've had an equally bad experience with the Kollector pre-amp. I would advise you to keep it out of your upgrade plan (if ever you considered it).

For me, the Genki/Kollector combo made listening a less than pleasant experience because of the harsh, gritty high frequency sound. I played with it for over a year, by trying different cables and such. Only after upgrading the pre-amp did I realize just how poor the Kollector sounds... night and day. Although it is very versatile, I wouldn't be surprised if the Kollector uses the same amplifier circuits as the Genki's built in pre-amp.

Good luck,