LINN IKEMI USERS... Recommendation Plz

Hi all,
I just purchased a Linn Ikemi and am looking for an idea of matching the Ikemi with proper power cord and interconnector. I know you gonna say because system synergy and so… ;~) but could you recommend for a power cord and interconnectors that would better match for Ikemi? And any advice on tweaks (Isolation, Flat form, damping, etc…)?

I mainly listen to Vocal, Jazz, Symphony music and some light rock.
Any recommendation would be great appreciated.

The rest of my setup include:
Preamp: Conrad Johnson 17 LS
Amp: Classe CAM-350
Speakers: B&W Nautilus 802
Speaker cable: Acoustic Zen Sotari Shotgun
Interconnector: Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference (from preamp to amp)

Dbuil, congrats on your purchase of what I feel is the finest CD player under 6000.00. I was at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest this past weekend and spent some time with the Linn Factory Reps. One comment he made in a conversation about the Unidisk SC in comparision to the Unidisk 1.1 "there is a lot more of the Sondek in the Ikemi than there is of the 1.1 in the SC, we should have marketed the Ikemi at a higher price"

I use the Cardas Cross power cord and Cardas Golden Reference IC's and I have it sitting on a 1/2" piece of laminated glass that rest on AudioQuest AQ feet (sorbathane)
I love my Ikemi sound, it is as close to a analog sound that I can afford in a CD player.

One note to add, press the "0" on your remote to toggle the digital output on or off for a cleaner sound.

I own two Ikemis, the best cables I/C I have used are Cardas Golden Reference and Kimber Kable Hero.

As for Power cords I have used Kimber Kable PK-10, Jenna Labs and PS Audio. Currently use the PS Audio Prelude.
The build quality of the cable is amazing. One last word on power cord for Linn gear, they will make a big difference on models with a thoroidal power supply, on models with the "Slim Line Power Supply" the difference will be marginal. Linn's newer power supplies are very good
at cleaning up the ac current, besides the current draw is below one amp. As for isolation products I use Vibrapods,
very good results for the investment.
I have tried different power cords from Cardas Golden Reference, JPS Digital, PS Audio Mini Lab.

The best I have found and currently use is the Foundation Research LC 1 Line conditioner/power cord.

With Interconnects I currently use the Cardas Golden Reference with the Ikemi. I believe these work well with the Ikemi.

In terms of isolation. I have used Symposium Rollerblocks to Black Diamond Racing MK III, to nothing at all.

Currently using the BDR MK III. I believe the Ikemi sounds good with or without them. Just a my personal taste for the time being. I have been happy using it with no isolation at all.

Quote: "One note to add, press the "0" on your remote to toggle the digital output on or off for a cleaner sound".

I have never heard of this, however I'm curious.

Best of Luck
Try Silveraudio Passionata Interconnect and WattMaster Power cord. They are very good match with Ikemi. You have to use XLR in order to get the most of Ikemi.
Kimber Kable PK-10 Palladian's connected to a Richard Gray 400Pro w/PK-14 from RG400Pro to source Linn Ikemi unbelieveable what it does to transform the listening experience. Also run phono stage/pre amp thru same method and the step up will produce the best sound stage your system has ever produced!!!!
Remember Pk-10 Palladian's not PK-10's
When researching the purchase of my Ikemi the vibration managment seemed to be the biggest issue, apparently the shell is woefully under-engineered. The Neuance platform is an excellent cost effective solution.
Kimber PK -10 PALLADIAN yes then I added the CHORD DAC 64....major improvement. Now I have EMMLABS DCC2 and CDSD....the next level!