Linn Ninkas vs Linn Katans

I was wondering if Linn Ninkas $750.00 for demos that I can pick up would be better than nice used Linn Katans $675.00 in a 12 x 15 room 8 foot speakers. System consists of a Cary V12R tube amp (getting all new tubes tomorrow RUBY) Cary SLP98P tube preamp (new) Linn Mimik II CD Player Linn Kudos Tuner Linn Sondek 12 TT Valhalla. I have the option of also using a Klipsch SW10 II 100 watt powered subwoofer. I have Klipsch Quartets that I like now but may just be looking for something new. Oh yeah, Blues Rock and Roll Country and loud. Thanks to all for helping!
I've used both Ninkas and Katans (with a Mimik). Given your musical taste, I would recommend the Ninkas. The difference is bass response is quite significant. If you listen to a lot of rock, the Katans will leave you wanting for a bit more bass and you will probably eventually start looking for a sub for augmentation. I've also used Katans with a Linn sub in order to pump up the bass a bit. However, I found the integration not quite as good as when I just used the larger Ninkas. $750 for Ninkas is too good to pass up.
Thanks for your knowledge. I'm thinking the Ninkas so hopefully I'll be lucky and be able to get them.