Should I get the Linn Katans?

My system consists of a Cary Tube V12R amp, Cary Tube SLP98P preamp, Linn Mimik II CD Player, Linn Kudos tuner, Linn Sondek 12 turntable w/ Basik tonearn w/ nagaoka cart w/ nagoaka mp 11 needle and a Carver C-9 Hologram Generator. I have Klipsch Quartet speakers right now and a Klipsch SW10 100watt powered sub (sub not hooked up). If I could get a nice pair of Linn Katans for under $700.00 would they work well in a 12x14 room? I can hook up the sub if needed. I heard the Katans and they sounded great. Thanks and good luck to all.
if space is not a problem, the quartet's are really good. the katan is fine, but this may just be a swap for something new, and no real upgrade.
Thanks Jaybo. I have the room and I just thought the Katans would work well with the other Linn components.
Buy them used and don't overpay + try them.

If you don't like them, you can resell them without taking a loss.